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“Matches” WordPress plugin

This is a WordPress plugin I made when we were making a new website for an ice hockey team. It basically lets you administer teams and matches and display them with a neat little widget. Here’s a screenshot of what it could look like (ignore the names and logos):
Widget for Matches WordPress plugin

Here are the various admin panes:
Settings for your own team and how many upcoming matches to display in the widget
Adding, editing and deleting opponents
The most important thing of all, administering the matches between you and your opponent

You can see a live example at in the sidebar to the left.

And finally, if you’re interested in trying it, here it is:
Matches in the WordPress Plugin Directory

If you’re an awfully generous person and like this plugin, any donations (there’s a button in the sidebar) are terribly appreciated. :)

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32 responses to ““Matches” WordPress plugin”

  1. Fredrik says:

    Finally! The world’s been waiting for that plugin. ;)

    The only feedback I (still) have is to switch the tabs around; “next match” to the right, “previous match” to the left.

    Looking forward to our upcoming match. Thanks for the heads-up, I suppose. :P

  2. Claudio says:

    it’s very good!!
    but i have a problem…
    I installed in plugin but i can’t see this in widget!! why? help me please!!
    i’m sorry for the bad english…

  3. nemrod says:

    @Claudio: thanks for trying it out!
    It doesn’t register itself as a widget but instead you’ll have to add it to your theme. Here’s the installation instructions copied from the WP Plugin Directory:

    1. Upload the matches folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    3. Place in your templates
    4. Modify display_widget.css in the plugin directory to style the widget to your liking

    The instruction relevant to you is #3. Good luck!

  4. Pierrick says:

    thanks a lots for this plugin! Great job but I don’t understand when you say:

    3. Place in your templates

    Which file(s)?

    Does this line add a widget to make me able to drag it where I want? Or must I put this line exactly where I want it appears?

    (Sorry for my bad english! Oo )

  5. nemrod says:

    @Pierrick: The snippet of code (from ) needs to be placed in the template files exactly where you want it. I should probably rewrite it to register as a true WP widget but haven’t yet. Basically you need to go to Appearance -> Editor, choose a template file to edit (most likely “Sidebar” or something like that) and add the line of code where you want it. It might be a bit difficult if you’re not used to seeing code.

  6. Pierrick says:

    Ok, thank you! :)

    I’m a beginner with WP so I’m not used to seeing code but I’ll try. It’s work for others, why not for me? ^^

  7. Art says:

    Hi nemrod,

    Already found out how to use the .po and .mo files (see email). I’ve changed them too matches-nl_NL.po and .mo. And they work! :)

  8. nemrod says:

    @Claudio, Pierrick, Art; I’ve uploaded version 0.5 that properly registers as a widget. Hope this makes things easier for you. :)

    There are also several other feature additions/improvements, a list is available here:

  9. Caps says:

    The new widget does not register properly. Using Headway theme. I am back to using a HTML/PHP widget for placing that snippet.

  10. nemrod says:

    @Caps: It works for me so I’m not sure what Headway is doing “wrong”. I was going to download the theme and test it, but it seems to be pay-to-use. Do you think you could try a different theme with widget support just to see if it works? If it doesn’t work then link me to the theme and I’ll try it on my end.

  11. Art says:

    Works for me as well, perfectly! Great work Nemrod :)

  12. Caps says:

    There was no notification when you responded, sorry. Will try a different theme.

  13. Caps says:

    While in the admin widget area I get, “There are no options for this widget.”

  14. Art says:

    Nemrod, when can we expect version 6.0?

  15. nemrod says:

    @Art: I’ve made some changes (not sure how much I commited to trunk though) but got busy with real stuff (i.e. paying clients and life). I’m going to Austria for a week from tomorrow but will get back to this when I get back (early March). I hope you can hold out until then :)

  16. Art says:

    Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem :) Looking forward to version 0.6 (not 6.0 :p).

    Have a nice trip!

  17. Jonas says:

    Good work. But the “vs”-text is showing near “previous matches”-tab… Can´t get it between the team logos…

  18. jose says:

    Hi! This is a very helpfull plugin! Please continue with the updates and support plugin!

    Good Bye

  19. Fred says:


    I would use this plugin for my Basketball Club.

    But there are not one team in my club, there are 4 teams. How can I change the code to have more than one team in the manager ?

    Thanks for your help and thanks a lot for this usefull plugin.

  20. Art says:

    We want version 0.6! :)

  21. Omar says:

    This is really looking good.

    In your next update, please add ”team name”. Not always easy for visitors to recognize team by logo :)

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to your next update.

  22. Sergey says:

    I installed your plugin. And when you create a new team, it is not added. Why not?
    Please help.

  23. Dinko says:

    Great plugin bt too bad i cannot use it. I need it for my legaue. I don’t have my own team….

    Just like Fred said.

  24. Mark says:


    great you made a league/next match widget.. I’ve been looking for that thing for a while now… awesome. Two questions though.. ;-(

    – Where can I adjust the width of the widget to get it in proportion to the side bar ?

    – And can I use the widget 3 times in the sidebar ? We have 3 teams you see ;-)

    cheers, Mark

  25. nemrod says:

    Thanks for trying the plugin!
    It’s made pretty statically so unfortunately you’ll have to go into the CSS to adjust the width – there is no option in the admin interface. It’s also not made for multiple instances as it is – you can only have one. Sorry for the late reply and sorry that I can’t help you more – I’ve got way too much work to do. :/

  26. Slavka says:

    Hello nemrod,

    i tryied your plugin its great but how to set up NEXT MATCH? i can only previous matches …

    and second question..

    I can do there only match with “my team” and oponnent..
    But when i want to do for example another team and oponnent??

    What to do? ?thanks :)

  27. nemrod says:

    @Slavka You can set any date, the next match with a future date should be the next match. Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t support other teams vs. other teams – it was originally made for a team’s website and we only needed to show them vs. other teams. :)

  28. p.frade says:

    Hey nemrod,

    your plugin is pretty cool. I made some changes so that it works better for me. But i have 2 questlions.

    1. The plugin shows only 1 time in the widget list. When i drop it to a sidebar, i can´t usw it in another one. Is there a way to fix it?

    2. I would love to have the option, to set a widget title. I put it into the widget.php so it is there, but it would be better to change it in the backend.

    I hope to get a answer from you. Thanks for this cool little plugin!

  29. nemrod says:

    I’m afraid I haven’t been developing for WP for a good while so I don’t have much of a clue about the widget system and the plugin isn’t designed for it, nor do I have any plans to modernise it at this time. :/

    Regarding the widget title you can get it in there pretty easily by adding the field to the database (or preferably making a db upgrade in the main file) and adding the fields to the right places in the code. IIRC all you really need to do is add another input field in the backend file and print it out in the widget file.

    Oh and sorry for the late reply, not really keeping up to date with the site.

  30. FINAL says:

    hi nemrod, any tips on why the widget look like thet after setting it up?
    thanks in advance.

  31. Patrik says:

    I would just like to say tanks man!
    I remember when you built this…
    Ive just used this plugin even tho you have not made a change for 2 years.. ;)

    It will soon be up and running on local soccer team in Sweden. We are doing a sponsorship thingy for Kaif if you know who they are? And this extension is perfect for them!

    Thx again, goodness gracious great balls of fire!

  32. TF2 says:

    Hi, i want to ask if is possible to view more then only one previous match.
    rest are good :) and i’m using it on my team’s website .

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