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nmailadm – web interface for mail server administration

This is a mail administration interface that I made after I had set up my own Postfix+Dovecot+MySQL mail server. It’s a very rudimentary interface but it can add virtual domains, aliases and mailboxes – pretty much everything you need. That is, unless you’re interested in vacation responders and things like that.

It was made to work with my own mail database that I created, for specifications of that you can go to the guides section and read the mail server guide. It should be pretty easy for anyone familiar with PHP and MySQL to edit the source to work with a different database if you’ve got one and don’t want to change it.

It’s free as in free speech so you have no obligations regarding usage or modifications to it, but it’s always nice to hear from anyone using what you make so feel free to post a comment or send me a mail. Any bug fixes, improvements or other additions would be neat to get so I can host the new version here. :)

nmailadm v0.1

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