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Battery level logger

This is a shell script I wrote on and for a very old laptop (old as in it had a P1 processor) I had. I got the laptop and had heard that the battery was in a bad condition, but after using it for a bit I thought it wasn’t that shabby. To put it to the test I had two choices. Sit by the computer and time it, or write a shell script to log the battery level as it went. I obviously went with the shell script.

It has two modes, analyze mode and log mode. They’re called with ‘utp -a FILE’ and ‘utp -l FILE’ respectively. The log mode writes the time and the battery level, separated by a comma, to the specified file, sleeps for a second, and repeats. Here is more exactly what it writes:

echo "$(date +%T), $(apm | cut -d' ' -f5)" | tee -a $OPTARG

The analyze mode echoes the percent in tens (100-91%, 90-81% etc) and how long those percent took and finally a summary, from what percent it started from to at what percent the last logging took place and how long the whole thing took. Here is an example output (with a faked file so it doesn’t make much sense):

Percent:        Time:
100 - 91:       0m10s
90 - 81:        0m10s
80 - 71:        0m10s
70 - 61:        0m10s
60 - 51:        0m10s
50 - 41:        0m10s
40 - 31:        0m10s
30 - 21:        0m10s
20 - 11:        0m10s
10 - 01:        0m10s
The script was logging from 100% to 1% in 1 minutes.

It’s free as in free speech (and free beer) so you have no restrictions regarding usage or modifications to it, but it’s always nice to hear from anyone using what you make so feel free to post a comment or send me a mail. Any bug fixes, improvements or other additions would be neat to get so I can host the new version here. :)

utp shell script

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