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Page 2 of The One Page Per Person Project

This is page 2 of a collaborative novel where each participant (open to anyone) writes about one page or 250 words. For more background information I advise you to read “The Most Novel Blog Novel” by my friend and colleague Fredrik. If you want to read the whole story make sure to start at the first page.

Frozen stiff he stared in silence, thoughts coming and going like flashes of lightning through his mind. Friend? Foe? He didn’t have particularly many enemies that he knew of, but he had no clue what he had done, or who he had met, during the several hours long gaping hole in his memory. What had he been running from? Long seconds passed, the only noise coming from the rain still smashing against the window he had previously stared out of, the only one in the room.

Another series of loud bangs. He couldn’t stay idle, whoever they were they didn’t show any sign of going away. Besides, chances were they could tell him a lot of things he desperately wanted to know. He quickly and stealthily moved over the dirty floor, avoiding the junk littered all over the place, towards the shabby door with grey, previously white paint peeling while wishing that whoever it belonged to had had the common decency to install a peephole. He stood right next to the door listening. Whoever was outside made no sound. Had they gone away?

Several more, this time even louder, bangs. Jared, being only centimeters from the door, recoiled, fell and found himself on the floor with a clank and a bang! He had just enough time to make a mental note to give a real scolding to the owner of the apartment for leaving junk right inside the door, would he ever get the chance, before the door flung up with a thud and a crash!

In the doorway, whose door was now crooked and on one hinge, stood a large character, black and with fuzzy edges against the strong fluorescent lights in the hallway. “Hollow core door. Typical.” thought Jared while he let his eyes adjust, heart beating like jungle drums, escape plans rushing through his mind. Neither of them said anything. Neither of them moved. His eyes soon adjusted and Jared let out a sigh of relief and almost started laughing as all the tension left his body. He knew this man.

Written 2011/07/26 by Anders Mårtensson of
Distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Licence.

It’s certainly not easy to keep it at 250 words – Fredrik exceeded it by 35 and I by almost a hundred and it sure is harsh not to be able to keep writing right when it’s gotten to the interesting part. Oh well.

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  3. Fredrik says:

    Wicked continuation! I’m dying to read the next page.

    On a side note, I really find it difficult to believe that an average page is just 250 words, but that’s what several sources stated when I searched around. :\

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