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Warriors2 Toolbar

Warriors2 is a turn-based browser game that I’ve enjoyed rather much the past couple of years. When you get a thousand turns a day the clicking can get a bit tedious, though, so some user scripts have been made to make life easier for the hardcore warriors. This extension puts some of those user scripts together into a neat package with auto-update features and a user interface you can’t get without.

Extension information:

W2 Toolbar
Latest version:
Download link:
W2 Toolbar v1.0 Can’t be used with newer Chrome versions
Gives you a few checkboxes to enable/disable helpful scripts for W2.
Browser compatibility:
Should work with any recent Chrome dev build.
  • Easy to use interface – simply check or uncheck boxes in the toolstrip
  • Auto-updates when new features or fixes are available
  • Currently implemented scripts:
    1. Follower auto-join
    2. Auto-attack
    3. Refresh stats (next to users online)
W2 Toolbar
Refresh is always active, auto-attack and followers auto-join can easily be activated and deactivated.

Revision history:

Version 1.0 [11:05, 2009-08-03]:
Initial release.

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