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Password Generator

This is an extension for pure random password generation. You set a length between 5 and 20 characters, if you want it to contain upper-case, lower-case, numbers and special characters and click generate. Since I’m into the habit of wanting passwords that look good I’ve made it so you can choose to generate between 1 and 5 passwords in one go to make it easier to get those.

Now simply choose the prettiest of the generated passwords and you’re done! ;)

Extension information:

Password Generator
Latest version:
Download link:
Password Generator on the Chrome Web Store
Allows you to generate customisable secure passwords on the fly.
Browser compatibility:
Chrome build with browser action support
  • Password length between 5 and 20 characters
  • Generate between 1 and 5 passwords at a time
  • Choose to include or exclude uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers and special characters
  • Possibility to choose between 3 different themes, or make your own
Password Generator dark theme

The extension open with the dark theme set.

Revision history:

Version 0.1 [05:13, 2009-12-13]:
Initial release.
Version 0.2 [11:48, 2009-12-20]:
Theme support, 3 themes to choose from.

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