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PageRank Display

This extension gets the toolbar PageRank of the page open in the current tab. If it fails it tries getting the PR of the hostname instead, and if that succeeds it shows the PR followed by the letter h. If neither succeeds (if the site doesn’t have a PR or for some reason the extension isn’t working as it should) it will show a greyed-out question mark.

Possible values are 0-10, 0h-10h as well as “?” if something went wrong. This extension generates the hash itself and does not rely on any external sites to fetch the PR for it (except Google, of course). This does not make it slower, however, it’s by far the fastest PR extension I’ve ever used.

When you click the extension icon it will bring up a popup/overlay with links to several things interesting when analysing a site as well as some general links.

Extension information:

PageRank Display
Latest version:
Download link:
PageRank Display on Chrome Web Store
Displays the PageRank of the page/host open in the current tab in the toolstrip.
Browser compatibility:
Chrome build with browser action support
  • Fastest PR extension I’ve ever used
  • Gets the rank on tab switch as well as tab update (changing page in the current tab)
  • If it can’t get the PR of the current page it gets for the hostname and indicates it with an h
  • Upon clicking on the icon an overlay will pop up where you can access information such as inlinks, outlinks, Alexa info and indexed pages in Google
PageRank for GooglePageRank for nemrodPageRank for tabpage
Chrome’s tab page, my site and Google Search. Wanna bet on which is which?

Revision history:

Version 1.0 [09:19, 2009-08-03]:
Initial “release,” was never released though.
Version 1.1 [09:19, 2009-08-03]:
It actually works ;)
Version 1.2 [13:00, 2009-08-03]:
Cleaned the code up a bit
Version 1.3 [13:20, 2009-08-03]:
Put back the span which was part of the clean-up, vertical alignment is important. ;)
Version 1.4 [06:18, 2009-08-04]:
It now uses the hostname and thus display a PR even if you’re deep within the site hierarchy.
Version 1.5 [10:31, 2009-08-04]:
Added auto-update and hashing to make it future-proof.
Version 1.6 [14:44, 2009-08-11]:
Added an indicator whether the specific page has got a PR or if it’s using the hostname.
Version 1.7 [15:38, 2009-08-11]:
Stripping whitespace (else there would be a trailing space if PR<10)
Version 1.8 [18:37, 2009-08-18]:
Fixed permissions to use tabs API and changed it to take you to Google Analytics.
Version 1.9 [00:56, 2009-09-05]:
Added permission declaration for XHR
Version 2.0 [23:07, 2009-12-08]:
PageRank Display now uses browser actions as the toolstrip is discontinued.
Version 2.0.1 [05:10, 2009-12-11]:
This extension has been uploaded to the extensions gallery now. It should auto-update you to the gallery version. If not, go there and search for PageRank Display.
Version 2.1 [23:50 2009-12-12]:
Added a popup with links to do a Google site: search etc.
Further updates
All updates following version 2.1 are noted in the Chrome Web Store instead.

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3 responses to “PageRank Display”

  1. Darren says:


    Your Chrome extension needs updating to reflect the change in query.


  2. nemrod says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll update it right away. :)

  3. Jason says:

    Is very useful.

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