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Alexa Rank Display

THIS IS DEPRECATED! PageRank Display provides a link to the Alexa information for the current page that you can use instead.

This extension simply gets the Alexa stats page for the site open in the current tab and extracts the so-called Alexa Rank from it. Upon clicking the extension in the toolbar you are taken to the Alexa stats page for the site where you can get more detailed information.

Extension information:

Alexa Rank Display
Latest version:
Download link:
Alexa Rank Display v1.4 Use this instead: PageRank Display
Displays the Alexa Rank of the site open in the current tab in the toolstrip.
Browser compatibility:
Chrome dev build over version 4.0
  • Width adapts to length (marketing built-in features as one’s own <3)
  • Relatively fast, even though it has to get a page and extract with regexp
  • Gets the rank on tab switch as well as tab update (changing page in the current tab)
  • Upon clicking on it you are taken to the Alexa stats page.
Alexa Rank for GoogleAlexa Rank for nemrodAlexa Rank for tab page
Wow. Google Search has got 1 and I’ve got over 6 million.

Revision history:

Version 1.0 [13:10, 2009-08-03]:
Initial release.
Version 1.1 [13:20, 2009-08-03]:
Fixed so the text is aligned vertically (no more misaligning like in the screenies).
Version 1.2 [18:41, 2009-08-18]:
Fixed tab API permissions and so that you’re taken to the Alexa stats page on click.
Version 1.3 [00:54, 2009-09-05]:
Added permissions declaration for XHR
Version 1.4 [16:57, 2009-10-11]:
Fixed it since Alexa seems to have added an icon, breaking the extension. Should work perfectly fine again now. :)

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  1. WWWW says:


    I like and use your extension. What does the “h” mean when used with the pagerank number?

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